Keraf is a service based company.

We help you get government services at a quick and reliable pace.

We also have an interns placement program.

Our main core values are transparency, reliability, and accountability.

Keraf helps you to register a Company, Business Name,KRA, NTSA/TIMS , Land Transfer, Immigration Services, Graphic Design And Petty Errands.

We have the legal experience on all of our services.

We have contacts in all government agencies which translate to quick turnaround of the service that a client wants.

We understand the physical and emotional torture that students goes through while searching for internship.

We have an online platform that helps each and every student in Kenya to get internships.

We  partner with employers who can request for interns through the same platform at no cost.

We also do social media and online marketing for companies and individuals

You can contact us for more information.