Every college and university student in Kenya has to do internship before graduating.

Most of the students undergoes both emotional and psychical torture in order to get this golden chance.

Some depend on friends, relatives and godfathers who knows someone and that someone know someone, the end result of this is disappointment.

Keraf services has developed an online platform to address this problem.

How it works

  1. You requests for interns through

  2. We receive the application and approve it.

  3. We put the same on our website

  4. The student applies for the available internships

  5. We receive the application then forward to you

  6. You review the application and send us the name of successful candidate.

  7. We contact the successful candidate.

You enjoy the following advantages.

  1. The requesting of interns is free of charge.

  2. You can request for unlimited number of interns.

  3. You get to choose the suitable candidate.

  4. It is reliable.

  5. You can hire the student at the end of internship which helps you save money and time associated with recruitment process.

How do we get the students to apply

     1.We use various social platform to advertise for available interns.

     2.We have devoloped a database of students who have forwarded to us they CV.

Please read the terms and condotions before requesting for interns and applying for the same.

If you have an internship opening in your company feel free to write to us at or call us on 0701816401