NTSA has introduced a new system called transport integrated management system(TIMS).

The system is designed to help on the online transfer of motor vehicle.

Here is how to go about it ;

  1. Create an account on TIMS (we can create one for you)
  2. Click on vechlie registration
  3. Then proceed to apply for transfer of ownership
  4. Click on create new button, type the registration number of the vehicle you want to transfer and click on inquire button. 
  5. Upload a scanned copy of the logbook(if you are unable to upload the logbook get intouch with us)
  6. Input the I.D  NUMBER AND KRA PIN of the buyer and click on the add button.
  7. Tick on the disclaimer button.
  8. A code with be sent to your phone or email
  9. Click next, add the page shows the basic information of the vehicle to be transferred including the new owner details
  10. Then submit the application
  11. Make the payments via MPESA, credit or prepaid card or pay cash any KCB
  12. Once the seller submit the application.
  13. The  buyer to login in his TIMS acount and  acceept ownership.
  14. Verification code will be send to the buyer phone
  15. Key in the details of the person who will pick the logbook.
  16. Indicate the station which you prefer to collect the new logbook.

NTSA will process your logbook in fourteen working days* but we can fast track your  application in four working.

You need to surrender the old logbook while collecting the new one.

For more informatim CALL/TEXT/WHATSAPP/ 0701816401 or write an email to info@keraf.co.ke