Kenyan motorists will begin to use the long promised digital driving licences in two months’ time after the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) signed a Sh2.1 billion contract with the National Bank of Kenya for their supply.


NTSA director-general Francis Meja said the contract had been signed for manufacture and formulation of smart digital licences that will among other things carry a detailed driver profile, which includes traffic breaches.

National Bank won the tender in 2015, defeating 22 companies that had also lodged bids to supply the second generation licences that had been slated to come online mid-last-year.

National Bank of Kenya within two  months will process digital licences that replace the paper-based documents.

What to expect from this second generation lincences.

  • A secure computer chip.
  • Your photo ofcourse.
  • Your bio information. 
  • Classes of vechiles you are permitted to drive.

Advantages of this driving licences

  • Good driving behaviour earns you points
  • Enjoying lower insruance preniums
  • Easy to carry 

If you you have bad driving behaviours you lose points everytime you are caught doing so.

Once the point are exhausted your  driving licences is either  suspended temporarily or confiscated for good.

Just keep your fingers closed that this materialse.

It might look like this 

driving licence








Always count on us to help you get one once they are rolled out.