Have you bought a reposed  or auctioned vehicle from the bank and wish to do a transfer.


This are the requirements;

  1. Memorandum of sale
  2. Certificate of sale-original
  3. Press advert
  4. Original logbook
  5. Discharge letter
  6. Transfer forms
  7. Copy of pin certificate
  8. Copy of I.D
  9. Copy of certificate of incorporation

For auction vehicles

  1. Auctioneers license
  2. Auctioneers pin and registration certificate
  3. Certificate of sale
  4. Specific court order
  5. Vehicle inspection report
  6. Form ix
  7. Transfer forms from the auctioneers
  8. Copy of pin certificate (buyer)
  9. Original purchasing receipts
  10. Kenya gazette notice

for more information kindly contact us on info@keraf.co.ke or call/text/whatsapp 0701816401