Keraf services was started in the year 2014.

I was still working for a local firm as any typical Kenya we all have a side hustles.

During the same year we parted away with my employer due to some financial misunderstanding or in this case salary.

I had the chance to meet some foreigners or mzungu as Kenyan are used to saying.

This was an eye opener to me, they taught me on how to operate a business, how to negotiate, how to sell your services and important of all the need to have a website for your business no matter how small it is.

Early in 2015 I noted that most Kenyans have to go through hell to get government services.

Some of the services which can be done in terms of days takes forever to complete because they don’t how the game played.

I decided to get a website done in order to make my services to be known to all.

As any Kenyan will do I goggled how to designer a website and the first option was Safaricom website builder since it was cheap and I could do it on myself but little did I know that I could only get space 50 MBS which is like peanuts if you need a presentable website.

I spent countless hours in the cyber café trying to get Safaricom to send the website builder to me, chatted with endless customer care although some sounded helpful but at the I didn’t get the website builder nor one of the agent.

From there I contacted my friends if they know someone who can do my website in small fee.

Well I got someone to do it sent a deposit but a week later no website only excuses after excuses but I finally managed to get my deposit back.

 I went back online and got a better website designer called kenyaweb designers and four days I had my website.

I couldn.t hide my enjoy and texted every person in my phone that I have a website.

Some said congrats, other nothing and even some said ‘is that really a website’

This time Christmas was on the horizon and I couldn’t advertise my website because everyone was on the holiday mood.

Another idea come to my head to do an internship placement platform.

I told my designer about it and did a deposit for the same.

Christmas was here with us once again and as the traditional we had a family gathering and I made sure that every person knew of the website and the upcoming platform for internship placement platform.

Once the holidays were over I started the advertising through social media.

The reaction was overwhelming got some calls but didn’t make a dime from it

When this was still happening the internship platform was still being worked on it once it was done we had to make an overhaul of the website.

Once it was done the marketing was back on track again.

Till now I have still doing the marketing.

Although KERAF has managed to get some new clients and made some cash I know that the future is great.

Thanks to everyone who has continued in believing in me and the moral support.

Over twenty thousand people have visted the website for the past two years.

We have served a good number from this number.

To all who have beleived in us all we can say is THANK YOU.

Denis kuria




The new Companies Act 2015 has been commenced. This is the primary legislation that deals with companies and applies to companies directly. A number of the processes involved in the registration and running a company have been simplified.

This write-up provides basic information on what the users of the Companies Registry need to know about the Companies Act 2015 with regard to incorporation of a new company.