Everyone at some point of his/her life needs to travel outside kenya and this requires a passport.

Keraf services helps you apply per one through taking you through the online application process and even present the necessary document at immigration office.

It takes approximately a week to get it done.

Documents required are:

                    A filled application form

                    A copy of ID, KRA pin, Your parents ID and birth certificate

                    Passport photos


Kenya introduced the electronic visa.

The main purpose this is to know the number of foreigners into the country it is applied on the online portal called E-citizen.

We help you through the online application and alies which our contacts at the immigration department to see it done as soon as possible.

You just go to E-visa and create a profile and make sure you have the following before applying

                    A valid passport for six months

                    Two blank pages for passport

                    A credit card or debit card to make the online payment

                    A passport photo in electronic form

Work permit

It is illegal to involve yourself in any form of employment without a work permit if you’re a foreigner.

There are different classes of work permit in Kenya we help you go through the vigorous process.

 But the most common documents required are:

                    A valid passport

                    A temporary visa

                    Passport photos

                    A letter from your employer

                    Filled and signed application form

You can contact us for full information at

Replacement of a lost passport or defaced passport


Have you lost your passport and you want to be replaced, it is so easy if you let us do it for you. The documents required are:

                    An Affidavit explaining the circumstances of loss or defacing

                    A police abstract

Renewal of Passport

Has your passport expired and you wish to renew it we can do that for you at a very duration of time. The documents required are:

·               The previous passport and copy

·               Three colored passport

Alien Card

We help you get an alien card if you are a foreigner an alien card is a form of a certification issued by the immigration office in Kenya.

There are two categories

1. Without work permit

This is issued without a work permit it is valid per three months and it can be renewed after the expiry date. Documents required are

             A valid passport/Visa

             Two colored passports

             A photocopy of your passport

             Application Form

2. With work permit

It is valid per two years and can be renewed after the expiry date. The same document below is needed when applying for one you only add a work permit.

Other services included:

1.            Referred Visa

2.            Emergency travel visa

3.            Stamping or certifying passport application permit



Do you have a business pass or a tourist visa which is about to expire and wish  to extend it.


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