Every person in Kenya has the vision of owning a piece of land.

Most of the people don’t know where to start.

Keraf services can help you to achieve this dream.

We have the experience of doing this and not forgetting our good relationship with the land officers in every land registry in Kenya.

The following are the documents needed to do a land transfer:

                    A current search

                    A copy of Id for seller and purchaser

                    A copy of KRA pin

                    Three colored passport of both seller and purchaser

                    A spouse consent

                    Consent to transfer

                    Transfer forms

The process take approximately 3 weeks due to the sensitive land transfer, we only need the orginaal title deed lwhen going to book the documents at the land register and we highly recommend that the client accompany us when booking the documents.

Other services include

Registration of a caution

This is a restriction that is put on the land. It mainly helps you safeguard your from unknown transactions. We normally take about two days to register it at the land register and it will only cost you ksh2500.

Rent Clearance Certificate

This is a certificate issued by the land registry showing that you have cleared all the property rates payments when transferring or changing a property it must be there.

Getting a Survey Map

Do you need a survey map for your land or property maybe is for valuation purposes take it somewhere or even for your own benefit. Keraf services can get you all that need is a copy of the title deed, one thousand five hundred shillings and it will only take a day.